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Penny took first place in an international music competition in Hollywood, California on April 24-27, 2019. She was awarded the winner from more than 800 entries for Best Composition/Score in a competition sponsored by Bella Composers as part of the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival. Penny won for her “Romance.” This is the second time she has won an international music competition. She previously won an international Jewish song competition in the Liturgical category for “Mi-Ha-Ish.”

“It was exciting to be in Hollywood and meet women composers from around the world,” Penny said. “Of course, the biggest thrill was winning.”

See the Gallery for pictures of Penny on the red carpet in Hollywood and winning her trophy.


Penny Corris’ First Symphony is written according to traditional counterpoint based on melody, harmony, and rhythm.  The first movement features a grand, sweeping melody with lush orchestration.  The harmonies are traditional but with a more current, fresh sound. An ostinato bass holds the movement together.  The second movement is Adagio, featuring a pleasing melody, traditional harmony and colored with chromatic melodies.  The third movement is a beautiful waltz with an unforgettable melody that travels between a circle of fifths.  The movement conveys a message of comfort.  The final movement features a haunting melody accompanied by the Jewish mode of Aha Rabba.  The movement begins Andante and in its quest for development moves through various keys both major and minor, before a driving force that ends the symphony.