Learn From Penny

Penny has been teaching piano and music theory to students of all ages for more than 40 years. Penny’s mission is to teach her students to play piano for a lifetime of enjoyment.  Even the youngest of her students learn theory using college-level workbooks, and as a result of Penny’s emphasis on theory and ear training, her students have tested out of first-year college theory and received college scholarships in music.  Penny was a teaching assistant in Madison as an undergraduate, and she taught privately in Boston, Providence, Whitefish Bay and Fox Point, and now at her home in Hartland, as well as through UW-Waukesha’s Outreach program.  As a composer, Penny has used her knowledge of instruments and voice to team her piano students with each other, with string performers, or with vocalists for duets, sonatas, trios or accompaniment.  While coaching those students who wish to pursue music at a more advanced level, Penny’s goal for all her students is that they will be able to sit down, sight-read a sheet of music, and play for family, friends, and personal pleasure.